Introducing The New Team

The Veteran Documentary Corps is happy to introduce you to its two newest team members Daniel Jamieson and Jesse Sutterley.



Jesse Sutterley, Associate Director of the VDC, graduated from San Francisco State with a bachelors degree in History minoring in Journalism. He has always been passionate about history and what it means to understand our past as well as one another. He is formally the Editor-in-Chief from Diablo Valley College’s newspaper, the Inquirer, and has ran his own small production company for four years. Jesse has worked with film and editing since middle school and has been known to spend his late night hours in the editing room. He has just returned from a two month journey across the United States by Amtrak, making stops in American Legion Posts dotting all over the country. His personal work can be found at

Jesse can be contacted at



Daniel Jamieson is a professional filmmaker based in the Sacramento area.  His production work focuses on cinematic shooting. His post-production work focuses on core edits and motion graphics.  He’ll be doing all of this for VDC, as well as managing social media operations. He was first introduced to El Dorado Films for his work on promotional content for Veteran Documentary Corps. To see more of his work, check out:

Daniel can be contacted at

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